‘The Beast’ is being repurposed…

I’m about to reconfigure my old powerhouse of a PC.  I’m not sure if I should go all Windows, all *nix, or maybe just go SteamOS and play games on it.  Any thoughts?

I mean, most jobs want the M$ stuff lately…  I find the stuff you can write on LAMP systems can come out on par, if not better.  But it’s also really tempting to make my own game console.  I’m really torn on what I should do with ‘The Beast’.

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FM Radio Station Database

I recently completed this new project. The WTFDA FM Radio Station Database is a listing of radio stations in the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico and US territories. Developed for the Worldwide TV-FM DX Association. The database site was written in Python using the Django Framework with a MySQL backend. It can be found at db.wtfda.org.

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Updates to Android Applications

I just completed some updates to a few Android applications which should show up shortly on Google Play.

KaraokeBuff Lite and Pro Version 1.2
* Added a settings menu
* Can now rename Venues, Artists, and Genres
* Adding a new Artist or Genre will automatically select that item for the current song
* Updated labels to be more informative

Art’s Hideaway Version 1.1

* Changed display to order by name rather than song number
* Streamlined some code to speed up the application and reduce memory use

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KaraokeBuff Applications

I just released KaraokeBuff Lite and Pro to the Google Play store. Check out the projects page for a description of the applications or give them a try by heading to Google Play to download them for your Android device.  I will be already working on some additional features to these apps over the next couple of weeks and will be starting a new project which will have nothing to do with karaoke this time…I promise.

Get it on Google Play

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Google Play

The Art’s Hideaway application on my projects page is now on Google Play at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thedwayne.artshideaway.

My next application should be published to Google Play within the next week or two.  I plan to split the next application into a ‘Lite’ and a ‘Pro’ version.  The Lite version will include advertisements and be somewhat limited, but still very functional.  The Pro version will be ad-free and contain more features than the Lite.  The toughest part about programming is coming up with ideas for applications.   If you’re interested in a custom Android application or any other custom development, contact me and we can discuss it in more detail.

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Projects Page

I just added a Projects page to the website and included my most recent project, an Android application for browsing the karaoke selection at Art’s Hideaway.  It’s not a very fancy application but I’ll be updating it a bit and will add more projects to this area as time permits.

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WordPress Android App

I just downloaded the WordPress application for Android.  Looks like it will be pretty easy to update the website remotely.  That’s enough updates to the website today though. It’s time to get back to programming.

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Decided to go with WordPress

I’ve decided to go with WordPress for my site.  It is not too difficult to customize and has a good deal of pre-loaded templates I can use.  Please bear with me as I get all the links and redirects from the old site worked out.

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